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Financial analysis is the process of evaluating businesses, projects, budgets, and other finance-related transactions to determine their performance and suitability. Typically, financial analysis is used to analyse whether an entity is stable, solvent, liquid, or profitable enough to warrant a monetary investment. (Investopedia)

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Backtesting is the process of assessing how well a trading strategy or analytical method could perform, based on historical data. It is a key component in developing an effective trading strategy. There are infinite possibilities for-strategies, and any slight alteration will change the results.

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Fundamental analysis (FA) is a method of measuring a security’s intrinsic value by examining related economic and financial factors. Fundamental analysts study anything that can affect the security’s value, from macroeconomic factors such as the state of the economy and industry conditions to microeconomic factors like the effectiveness of the company’s management.

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At Quantina Capital we do offer a partial or full market research report. Do you have that business idea that you wish to implement but you are not sure where to start? Contact us today for a free quote or book a consultation. 

  • Market trends
  • Consumer profile
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market segmentation.
  • SWOT and PEST analysis.
  • Competitive analysis
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At Quantina Capital we do offer a wide range and purpose of business plan model.

The complete business plan will include:

  • Executive Summary / Company Summary / Complete Market Analysis / SWOT Analysis / Management Summary / Comprehensive Marketing Plan / Goals and Objectives / Products Services / Industry Analysis / Competitive Edge and Analysis / Competitive Summary / Strategy and Implementation / Strategy and Implementation Summary / Target Market Segment Strategy / Personnel plan / Complete Financial Plan

Quantina complete financial plan includes:

  • Start-up Summary / Cash flow / Balance sheet / Break-even analysis / Projected profit and loss / Graph and Tables
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